Interior signage solutions are created to encourage clients to a specific activity. Thanks to them the advertising message reaches the clients in commercial interiors. ZVA provides interior signage in many forms to suit diverse interiors, from contemporary and simple to traditional. We have a wide range of solutions to meet the needs and budgets of every client.

Light Boxes

These wall mounted boxes, internally illuminated either by fluorescent or LED systems, come in different shapes and sizes to suit your specific requirement. They can be single or double-sided. Their face is made of moulded or flat acrylic glass and their construction is powder coated (according to RAL system), made of steel or aluminium. Double moulding allows the highlighting of a logo or a graphic and enhances the impact of the advertisement.


Thanks to our unique technology we can perfectly imitate neon tubes, eliminating all their weaknesses at the same time. This product is easy and safe in use, less fragile and more competitively priced than neon. By eliminating the need of using neon tubes our product is significantly more eco-friendly.


These products present graphics and letters in a unique way by using one or more special light effects. Among the options available are techniques such as afterglow (halo effect), control of the intensity of the light in specified parts of the graphic, neon-imitation, and adding depth perspective to the image.


Made from high-quality metal sheeting, these signs can be either printed or lined with a special foil.


These transparent plastic signs feature graphics engraved on their surfaces. The Led lighting scatters on the graphics producing interesting light effects.


We produce various kinds of advertising mirrors:

  • Illuminated – internally illuminated with a logo or other graphic printed on the reverse;
  • Multi-sequenced – electronically controlled internal illumination of the semi-transparent mirror with a set of graphics placed under the surface; allows a dynamic effect to be achieved;
  • Multi-reflecting – gives a unique depth effect to the graphic placed on its surface


Each kind can feature an added LCD screen to display advertisements.


Thanks to our advertising lamps your brand and logo might become an integral part of an interior design concept! We offer a wide range of wall-mounted, table top and ceiling connected lamps.